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Mackenzy Ramirez

Mackenzy Ramirez photo Mackenzy Ramirez
  • Black Belt - 4th Degree

Sensei Mackenzy Ramirez is an Assistant Instructor in American Warrior Karate-Do.

Sensei Mackenzy joined the AKA when she was only 4 years old. She earned her black belt in the children’s class and moved into the adult class when she turned 13.Since earning her Junior Black Belt Mackenzy has improved in knowledge and skill and continues to exhibit an attitude of humbleness and loyalty to the school," said Master Chapman. Sensei Mackenzy teaches both children and adult classes and trains in Kenjutsu. She is a senior at the University of Tennessee. On Sept 30, 2017 she was awarded with a promotion to 3rd Dan black belt. She is the youngest student in the 28 year history of the AKA to be promoted to 3rd Dan. Sensei was promoted in September 2022 to the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt.