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American Warrior Karate-Do (AWKD)

The style that we train in is American Warrior Karate-Do. This was developed by Master Chapman after more than twenty years of training under several outstanding instructors. These included his first Sensei, Tom Klinefelter, and his current instructor Grandmaster Floyd Burk.

Much of the style's kicking techniques come from Master Chapman's studies since 1988 with Grandmaster Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. Other techniques in the system come from Grandmasters Joe Lewis, Bernie Fritz, and Ted Tabura, and from Masters Jerry Beasley, and Steve "Nasty" Anderson.

On October 1, 2004 the Independent Karate Schools of America Society of Soke recognized the new system and Master Chapman as "Grandmaster" of American Warrior Karate-Do.

American Warrior Karate-Do

AWKD is defined as a style that stresses the use of individuality and innovation in the use of techniques that work for the student regardless of style or country of origin.

The system's self-defense techniques are based on simplicity and ease of use. There are no "fancy" or difficult techniques. AWKA self-defense is a principle driven system.

Sparring will be a part of the system. Sparring helps a student get in shape and helps in dealing with a non-cooperating opponent. In addition, many sparring techniques are closely related to self-defense.

AWKD will include forms as a part of its curriculum. Katas teach self-defense techniques, improve balance and coordination, and teach focus and concentration. Several traditional weapons katas will also be taught including, the staff, kamas, sais, Japanese sword, and Chinese sword.

Philosphy of American Warrior Karate-Do

Master Chapman chose the name American Warrior Karate-Do after careful thought.

In this context a warrior is not someone who fights on the battlefield. In fact each of us everyday should be a "warrior". A warrior does their best, whether their job is as a nurse, salesman, or student. A characteristic of a warrior is to seek to be a problem solver not a "whiner". The warrior demonstrates a desire to increase their knowledge and seek wisdom at every opportunity.

A warrior is a person of ethics and morality. The true warrior understands that the greatest victory is in not having to fight and that "yielding to overcome" is often the best strategy. They seek to truly "live" every moment, every day and not to "just pass through life".

The ultimate aim of American Warrior Karate-Do is to make each of us better people.

AWKD Belt Ranking System

Belt Ranking: The belt ranking system in AWKD is to be as follows: White, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, and ten degrees of Black. The average time for a student to go from white to black is three years and three months. However, some will reach black belt sooner but for others it will take longer. At the Black Belt ranks a student will be expected to contribute to the dojo and the martial arts in general and is expected to increase in knowledge and skill. There are minimum time-in-grade requirements for the Dan ranks. They are as follows:

1st to 2nd- 2 years

2nd to 3rd- 2 years

3rd to 4th- 3 years

4th to 5th- 3 years

5th to 6th- 3 years

6th to 7th- 4 years

7th to 8th- 4 years

8th to 9th- 6 years

9th to 10th- 6 years