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Our Master

Master & Chief Instructor Danny Chapman

Grandmaster Danny Chapman, Chief Instructor:

“Once you set your mind to it nothing is impossible.” -Grandmaster Danny Chapman

Foreword from Master Chapman

Welcome to the American Karate Academy. We are pleased you are considering joining our dojo (school). We hope your study of the Martial Arts is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that lasts a few weeks, months, years or a lifetime.

The following is some basic information about the Martial Arts in general, our dojo, and style of Karate. This information or our student manual will not take the place of what you can learn by attending class and listening and taking notes for review away from class. It is natural to have many questions when you begin any new activity. Here and in the student handbook we will attempt to cover most of the more common questions. All of our Black Belt Instructors are available to talk with about your individual concerns.

Knowledge, skill and attitude are important in our dojo. It is said that the first two can be taught provided the student has the third. A dedication to the teachings of the Martial Arts will help you become the best you can be provided you want to achieve that goal.

You will be able to obtain self-confidence, self-esteem, improved coordination, improved fitness, humbleness and self-discipline by studying the Martial Arts. We remind you of these benefits because in the beginning the exercises, techniques, and dojo etiquette can seem awkward and difficult. Very soon the awkwardness will fade to comfort and you will embrace the challenge to grow and improve your skills through practice. The key word is practice.

You must make the choice to become a part of our Karate family and we will do our best to make you feel at home. Our school Motto is “Once you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible.” We hold these words true in every aspect of our lives.

Enough said…Let us begin your Tao (way).

About Master Danny Chapman

Sensei (teacher) Chapman is our Chief Instructor and currently holds the rank of 10th Dan (10th degree Black belt).

In 1985 Master Chapman joined the Independent Karate Schools of America (IKSA), a worldwide support and sanctioning organization allowing the dojo to be chartered by Master Floyd Burk, the founder of the IKSA. Master Chapman serves as the National Director of the IKSA and is the Director of the IKSA Annual Seminar. The IKSA Annual Seminar is a worldwide gathering of member schools and is hosted annually by the American Karate Academy.

Sensei Chapman is recognized as a Senior Grandmaster, a member of the IKSA “Society of Soke” (the founder of his style), and has the title of “Hanshi.”

Sensei Chapman charts the path of the dojo for the future. He sets the curriculum for all classes, determines belt promotions and leads the adult and children’s classes. Sensei has a vast wealth of knowledge and is the example of skill that we all aspire to obtain. The commitment to our dojo by Sensei Chapman demonstrates the benefits of the right attitude.

Grand Master Chapman began training in the Martial Arts in 1981 and started teaching in 1983. In 1994 Sensei Chapman founded the American Karate Academy in Franklin. The dojo affiliated with the Concord Road YMCA in August 2001.

Master Chapman is a member of the teaching staff at the world famous Karate College Camp (held annually at Radford University, Radford, VA). Sensei teaches sparring techniques and strategies at the camp. The staff includes such legends as Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Renzo Gracie and Dr. Jerry Beasley. In June 2015 Master Chapman was one of 5 martial artists inducted into the inaugural Karate College Hall of Fame.

Sensei was honored on July 30th, 2004 when he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Master Chapman is a husband to Rennae, a father of 3 children (all AKA black belts), and a Grandfather of four. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Education degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He recently retired after teaching for 40 years at Franklin High School.

Master Chapman’s hunger for all things “martial arts” powers his daily training ethic and he continues to grow as a martial artist through guidance from his Sensei, Grandmaster Floyd Burk, 10th Dan, (10th degree Black belt).