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Michael Culbreth

Michael Culbreth photo Michael Culbreth
  • Black Belt - 6th Dan

Sensei Michael Culbreth holds the rank of Rokudan, 6th degree Black Belt, and is an instructor for the children’s and adult AKA classes.
He has been awarded the title of "Master of the Martial Arts" by Master Chapman.

Sensei Culbreth passed his test for Black Belt as a fifteen year-old and has been training in the martial arts for more tha 23 years. Sensei has attended the world famous Karate College and has participated in several IKSA Annual Seminars. He is a graduate of Tennessee Tech in Cookville where he earned his BS degree. Sensei Culbreth and his wife Sensei Lindsey have 2 children. Sensei manages 3 parks for the Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department. Sensei trains with the sword and is a certified instructor of kenjutsu.